We are always looking to add highly-skilled, motivated individuals to our family.  If you possess experience in one of the skill sets below, we encourage you to contact us.  You may be the perfect asset to our company.

Skill Sets

  • Burners – Operate mobile plasma cutters, gas and oxygen torches.  Operate the CNC and plasma cutting tables for shop work.
  • Electricians – Installs, maintains and troubleshoots  electrical equipment, systems and circuits in the shipping industry.  Uses appropriate test equipment to detect and determine required maintenance, repairs, or replacement. Maintains and repairs generators, switchboards, controllers, circuit breakers, electrical motors, distribution panels, alarm and lighting circuits.
  • Insulators – Insulators know the requirements of on board insulation and lagging and possess an ability to fix and install all different types of insulation.
  • Machinists – Machinists install electrical and mechanical pumps and layout and drill all types of foundations for many installations. They are able to read and understand drawings and install electrical equipment on-board vessels.
  • Modular Installations – Assists with lifting the pre-fabricated cabin modules onto the deck of the ship.  Works within the hull space to position modular cabin and fastens to or erects additional walls.  Continues process until layers completed.
  • Painters – Painters know and understand different coatings and surface preparations and comply with all NACE and NAVSEA standards.
  • Pipe Fitters – Possess an understanding of the operation of various piping systems and how they work.  Able to understand and interpret NAVSEA and commercial drawings.  Hold silverbraze certifications and are able to repair a variety of piping systems.  Adaptable to the various conditions situated around shipboard and commercial installs, with a good working knowledge of trades to complement piping installs.  Knowledge of items such as 009-71, mil-std 777, chapter 505 and GTR.
  • Rapid Response Teams – Rapidly coordinate and work with other team members in providing fastest possible turnaround on select jobs.  Maintain a posture enabling ready travel to job site, if necessary.  Holds expertise in a specific job and readily adapts to changing situations and teams.
  • Sheet Metal Mechanic – Fabricates and installs all different types of sheet metal for ventilation systems, berthings, scullery and galleys.  Manipulates sheet metal for repairs and mods. Able to read and understand NAVSEA and commercial drawings.
  • Ship Fitter – Able to read and understand NAVSEA and commercial drawing and work packages. Perform lay-out for drilling and foundation installs.  Possess ability to understand the needs of customers’ request and specifications including shaping, bending and cutting, as needed.
  • Arc Welder – Arc welders weld using arc, Metal Inert Gas (MIG), Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG), carbon arc, and gas to join metals and associated structures.  Repairs and installs metal parts to include steels, titanium, copper, monel, bronzes, and cast iron. Sets up machinery or equipment and performs brazing and soldering.
  • Welders – Welders stick weld and MIG welding weld.  Many also perform a variety of different welding procedures and positions. MF&B train and promote every welder to be affiliated with all requirements and procedures.