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EEOC and AAP statement:

Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, or any other characteristic protected by the law.

Open positions

Material Planners

Job description:

Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Adobe. Must have excellent attention to detail and organization skills. Will assist in logging ordered and received material and gathering material data needed from job drawings and specifications. Will work closely with the purchasing department to ensure material is ordered and arrives on time for each job. Experience in Marine Repair and Fabrication materials (pipe sizing, fittings, steel plates, angles, bolts, etc.) is preferred.

Project Managers

Job description:

Supervises multiple availabilities and supervises as many as 50 employees at a time. Orders material required, assigns daily tasks to crew, trains employees, ensures daily production plans are being accomplished, oversees hot work operations, and accomplishes OQE (Objective Quality Evidence) as well as visual inspections. Acts as work authorization form (WAF) coordinator. Should be highly skilled in mechanical systems, reading blueprints and drawings, drawing sketches of new foundations to be installed and deck plates, and job planning. Engineering experience preferred. Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in fabricating and installing metal structural parts, such as bulkheads, plates, and frames in ships. Inspects installations, such as decks and engine foundations for conformance with specifications. Supervises workers engaged in repairing structural parts of ships. Plans production operations, establishing priorities and sequences for manufacturing products, and utilizing knowledge of production processes and methods, machine and equipment capabilities, and human resource requirements. Prepares operational schedules and coordinates manufacturing activities to ensure production and quality of products meets specifications. Reviews production and operating reports and resolves operational, manufacturing, and maintenance problems to ensure minimum costs and prevent operational delays.

Special requirement:

Must be able to obtain access to all area shipyards (BAE, NASSCO, MHI, NOB, NNSY, HII-NPN, Little Creek).

First Class Shipfitters

Job description:

In charge of fabricating components of installation by cutting, bending, and welding metal parts using equipment; installing components within the hull of ship according to blueprint specifications; conducting layouts for TAOs within the skin of the ship; inspecting each completed fabrication project to verify adherence to blueprint and procedural specifications; and performing removal or installation of electrical foundations throughout the ship.

Special requirements:

Must be able to follow Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations to promote a safe work environment. Must have ample experience in using torches, plasma cutters, and welding machines. Must be able to pass a background check and gain access to area shipyards (BAE, NASSCO, area naval bases, etc).


Job description:

First class welders – Must be able to pass a combo structural test in the form of SMAW butt weld tests in all positions and FCAW butt weld tests in all positions. Alternatively, must be able to pass a GTAW 6G copper nickel butt weld pipe test and a 6G stainless steel socket weld test.

Second class welders – Must be proficient in SMAW butt welds in all positions, FCAW butt welds in all positions, or both. This role has future opportunities for advancement.

Third class welders – Must be proficient in SMAW and FCAW fillet welding in any position. This role has future opportunities for advancement.

Special requirements:

Must be able to gain access to area shipyards (BAE, NASSCO, area naval bases, etc).

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bmf trade practice

Our goal with this program is to create the next generation of skilled tradespeople and future leaders of BMF.

Trade Practice and Technical Studies Program

BMF offers a yearlong training program to eligible applicants and employees focused on all ship repair trades to include:

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