Our customers recognize our dedication in completing every job in a timely manner while focusing on the details. Bay Metals & Fabrication are honored to serve clients by continuously producing results that exceed expectations.

See what our clients have said about Bay Metals & Fabrication.

“Well done to the entire team for delivering under pressure.”

Captain Timothy A. Batzer, USS Ponce (Norfolk Naval Ship Yard)

“A much deserved congratulations to all involved.”

Jace L. McFerran, NAVSEA

“You make my job easy every day. Your cost, schedule, and quality performance on the deck plates is second to none and you make us all look good. Thanks for showing us the way it should be done.”

Russ Tjepkema, VP Programs, BAE Systems, Norfolk Ship Repair

“Quality of work is outstanding, with excellent planning!”

Jim Axely PM with Lyons Shipyard

“Thanks so very much for stepping up to the plate and hitting a homerun! As we say in the Navy, BRAVO  ZULU…job well done to you and your team!”

Ronald Eskra, MK60 Griffin Missile System (GMS) Program Manager