Founded in 2007, Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC continues to build on the principles of delivering the best, most cost-effective product. Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC holds a reputation as the leader in marine and industrial fabrication and repair industry.

Tom Taylor, Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC’s  President and founder, decided to start his own small business, after working in the ship repair industry for 19 years.  He wanted to create a family-oriented business, aimed at taking care of its people with a focus on paying attention to the details.

When Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC  first started, they did small fabrication jobs from a “lopsided trailer with a flat tire in the middle of a field” with a handful of people.  Today, more than 75 employees conduct operations from a modern Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC shop, delivering full ship alterations.  Their growth continues as they have expanded into the habitability and commercial sectors.

When asked what makes Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC successful, Tom’s response is always the same – “Our people”.  It is evident that Bay Metals & Fabrication, LLC values its workforce as most of the employees who started with Tom are still with Bay Metals & Fabrication today.